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Some years ago, I was at a Florida Disney park, watching a movie about the French countryside. It was an Imax experience of a ride in a hot-air balloon, and it was enchanting. As the movie took us over the hills, valleys, colorful foliage and magical places of France, I found myself in tears, and knew at that moment that I had to learn more about the country.

Fast forward a few years: as my husband and I were flying into France for our honeymoon, looking out the window of the airplane in the early morning, I looked down and saw the beautiful countryside--and felt in my heart that I was home. I found it very hard to leave, and wanted to return as soon as I could.

After raising three kids, my husband's work changed and he was able to work from home, so I had the freedom to pursue work that combined my passion for high quality home goods, decoration, and France. I began my business, and went to France with a friend. I took in everything, but most especially watched what people were buying: at store stalls, flea markets, countryside artisans' shops, and other places both mainstream and out of the way. I focused on historical art traditions in the design and manufacture of ceramics, linen, other types of home decorations, and unique types of gift items like skin care products. 

I started with an early web store, but found I really missed people (I had trained to be a teacher in an earlier life), so began to have trunk shows in the area (I live in a Southwest suburb of Minneapolis). I also did a 'proof of concept' holiday store in a local store that was available for a short-term lease. Its success told me that a 'brick and mortar' store was the way to go, and opened my first store in Excelsior, Minnesota, in 2010. I'm in my third location in the charming town I'm happy to be part of, and love the seasons, events, residents and visitors. 

I feel truly blessed to be able to blend my love of people, home products, creativity, and design. I find tremendous satisfaction in helping people find just the right set of bed linens, a unique night light, the perfect throw pillows, or a surprising gift idea they didn't have when they walked in.

So please! If you're in the area, stop in and say, 'hello.' I'd love to hear about what you love in your home, and explore how we can work together to make things more beautiful all around us.